Protection Plus Life


Protection PLUS Life

No Medical Questions Asked

For Accidental Death – FULL / Ultimate Face Amount Paid Out In ALL years
$10,000 to $50,000 of 5 yr. Renewable and Convertible Modified Term Life – Affordable Monthly Costs are Age Banded with Modified Death Benefit in Years 1 and 2. Coverage is Renewable to Age 80 and includes many complimentary non-insured benefits / services. Term coverages Issued and Insured by LifeShield National Insurance Company
Certificate Year 1 Death Returns 120% of NET Group Term Life Premiums / Costs only. Group premium paid to LNIC for specific covered members selected option. See members policy certificate for specific monthly net Group Term Life insurance premium amount(s).

• The alternative solution to fit ANYONE’s Life Insurance needs.
• Guaranteed Issue Term Life coverage for anyone age 18 – 75**.
• Everyone qualifies and is accepted – GUARANTEED!!

What are Protection PLUS Life Plans?


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  • Protection PLUS Life Plans are a unique, affordable Association Membership based Benefits program that INCLUDES Guaranteed Issue Term Life Insurance PLUS many other valued added and medically related benefits for individuals and their families.

Can Anyone Join to Become a Member and Receive the Term Life Insurance Benefits?

Any individual age 18 – 75 who resides in one of the 34 open sales states and Wash DC is eligible to enroll and purchase any of the 5 available plan options. Participation & Coverage Is GUARANTEED!
No One is Declined – Everyone Is Accepted – See website for available states

What do the “5 Available Plan Options” Include?

Protection PLUS Life Membership Plans Options Include a package of Benefits & Services for Members & their ENTIRE FAMILY.
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Individuals can elect a plan option the INCLUDES $10,000 to $50,000 of Guaranteed Issue 5 – Year Renewable Term Life Insurance. The Term Life Coverage is for the Primary Members. Each Members entire family (spouse, partner & dependent family members under age 25) can access / use the many other Discount Benefits & Services INCLUDING discount Dental, Vision, Hearing, Prescription Saving card and much, much more. All Protection PLUS Life plans auto-renew after each 5 – Year Term cycle to Age 80.

How Much Does a Protection PLUS Plan Cost?

Protection PLUS monthly plan costs are based on the primary members / applicant’s age and the plan option elected. These costs are “Age Banded” (Ages 18 – 34 / Age 35 – 44, etc.) with the Monthly Costs locked in 5 – Year Term cycles. At the end of the initial 5 Year Term – the members package & Term Life coverage will automatically renew for another 5 – Year Ter cycle based on their age at time of renewal.


Can I be Declined or Denied Coverage with Protection PLUS Life membership plans?

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NO – Everyone who applies is ACCEPTED and APPROVED for Association Membership and Term Life coverage. Any individual age 18 – 75 who resides in an open sale state is eligible – NO ONE is declined – Guaranteed.

Will I Have to Answer Medical Questions or Take an Exam to Qualify?


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NO – with Protection PLUS Plans there are NO Medical Questions Asked and NO Exams needed to secure coverage. All Protection PLUS members are issued a personalized, policy certificate following their enrollment and process of initial payment

Can a Husband or Wife Purchase This Program for their Spouse?

YES – individuals with “Insurable Interest” such as a spouse, parent, guardian, or an employer can enroll / pay for a family member or employees membership package.
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This rider waives a certain amount of the premium, as stipulated on the data page that accompanies the policy. These waived premiums are considered to be paid premiums and are credited to the insurance policy. This amount may not keep the policy active to the policy maturity date. The insured must provide proof of total disability that has continued for at least six consecutive months.

Do Members Individuals Term Life Coverage & Benefits go into Effect Immediately?

Members are covered immediately from their elected start date (effective date) submitted at the time of their application as detailed under the “Terms and Conditions” outlined in their membership application acknowledgements as well as their Lifeshield National Modified Term Life Policy Certificate. The members Death Benefit in Years 1 and 2 is reduced / Modified as follows:
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  • Accidental Death Pays 100% of Death Benefit in ALL Years
    • Certificate – Policy Year 1 – 120% Return of Insurance Paid (Months 1 – 12)
    • Certificate – Policy Year 2 – 20% of Selected / Ultimate Face Amount (Months 13 – 24)
    • Certificate – Policy Year 3 to AGE 80 – FULL Death Benefit / Ultimate Face Amount Paid
    Please see sales website, Protection PLUS Brochure or Policy Certificate for complete details.

Do Members Need to Activate Their Discount Dental – Vision – Rx Savings Benefits.

YES – All members will receive a link and detailed instructions” within their Membership Package on how to “Activate” their WAOA Discount (DMPO) Benefits. This is a vital step for members to add and ensure ALL Family Members Info is updated and confirmed by the member prior to use. This activation process takes minutes and can be completed via phone, on-line or via the WellCard Savings registration link.

What if I change my mind and want to cancel my membership and Term Life coverage?

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All Protection PLUS Members have a 30 – Day FREE Look period as part of their package. If for ANY Reason a member wishes to cancel – they will receive a refund of any costs paid (NOT INCLUDING the One-Time Enrollment / App Fee) to that date. Cancellations received AFTER the 30-Day Free Look period will be returned on a case be case basis for unused membership dues, costs, Insurance premiums.

Does My Monthly Cost Cover All Membership Dues and Life Insurance Premiums?

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YES – Members pay ONE (1) Total Monthly Cost (bundled membership package) that Includes all Association Membership Dues, Administrative Service Fees, Agents’ commissions, Non-Insurance Benefits & Services, & ALL Term Life Insurance Premiums. Members monthly costs are ALWAYS LOCKED for 5 Year Term cycles. Association Membership Required for Individual participation in the Term Life Insurance.

Do I need To Be Employed or Working to Participate?

NO – employment IS NOT required to participate or Join as a Protection PLUS Member. Individuals need only reside in a Valid / Open Sale State and have a valid method of payment to participate.

Can I or My Family Use Discount Medical Services included with program as soon as we apply?

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Once a membership / coverage application is submitted, the member is issued an “effective date” of coverage / participation. This effective date can be either the 1st of the month or the 15th of a given month. This is determined by the “submission date & initial payment” of the member. Members Term Life coverage is auto activated / issued by the plan administrator. WAOA members will need to activate & register additional family members for the Discounted WellCard Savings benefits package as detailed within the members’ welcome / fulfillment package on or following their specific effective date.

Where can I find More Information About This Exciting Opportunity?
Visit for more info / brochures.