Signature Guaranteed Universal Life



Simple. Few purchases in life compare to the gift of knowing that your loved ones will be protected after you are gone, and that they can continue living the life you have planned without financial hardship. Permanent life insurance meets your financial objectives by securing income replacement and estate planning needs for surviving family members, as well as protective business planning.* It can also insure retirement income for your spouse, and an education for your children. No matter the obstacle, owning a permanent life insurance policy can help you meet life’s challenges by providing you with a sense of comfort, stability, and the assurance that you are providing
for those who mean the most to you.


A Signature Guaranteed Universal Life Policy (SGUL) can provide a number of solutions to life’s uncertainties by helping you manage your death benefit for as long as you live. What makes the SGUL so unique is the flexibility of the guaranteed death benefit. You can secure a customized length of the benefit, with dialable guarantees extending the policy from age 95 to as much as 121 years of age if needed! And, with living benefits like the ability to cash out your premium at certain ages, SGUL is a highly versatile life insurance product that can provide coverage for your entire life. Furthermore, SGUL also includes all of the accelerated benefit riders (terminal, chronic, and critical illness), as well as other available riders and benefits. In other words, SGUL was designed so that you can make certain your loved ones are protected for as long as you live, and long after.


Did You Know?

With SGUL, policyholders can select how often and for
how many years they want to pay premiums in order to
dictate how long their permanent life insurance policy

More Info
Since the premium payment period and lapse dates are essentially “dialable” at the time of illustration, policyholders can keep paying premiums and choose the protection of a life insurance policy to age 95 or until age 121. You can choose to pay premiums for your lifetime, or pay up the policy over a shorter premium paying period such as 10, 15, or 20 years.

Taking the right steps toward financial security means you are protecting your loved ones, providing for your dependents and preserving your peace of mind.