Signature Indexed Universal Life


What is an Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL)?

An IUL provides “permanent” coverage and is designed to last the insured’s entire lifetime. There is an emphasis on flexible payment options with the premium as well as potential to build cash value within the policy, tax-deferred.

Insurance For those Who:

  • Desire flexibility from their insurance policies
  • Seek the potential for greater interest earnings
  • Need economic certainty in life and in death
  • Want to protect their funds from a volatile market

What Does Signature Performance IUL Offer?

Signature Performance IUL offers a death benefit that can ensure your loved ones are taken care of even after you are gone. Many people do not realize that the money from a death benefit can be utilized in several ways that transcend the cost of funeral and memorial services. It can help:
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  • Pay off Mutual Debts
  • Cover the cost of college tuition or daycare
  • Help with everyday expenses

Accelerated Benefit Riders

Did You Know?

A Rider:
Is any supplemental provision or attachment to a policy. Riders can expand or waive certain aspects of a policy depending on the needs and circumstances of an individual.

Creating a Financial Safety Net

A prominent feature of this product is the way interest is credited. An index is the financial measure of the movement in the stock market. Premium payments have the potential to earn interest based on the performance of a stock market index. We measure the performance of an index to determine your interest earnings.
Your money is indirectly tied to the stock market, so you are shielded from downside risks. Here’s how our IUL is protected from an unfavorable market:
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  • Credited interest will never drop below 0%*
  • Your money is protected from a volatile market by not being invested directly in stocks
    or bonds.

So, you know you’re covered when the market is unfavorable but what about when things
are good?

The interest you earn will be credited to your accumulation value. The amount is dependent upon several factors such as your policy’s participation rate and the cap. Interest grows tax-deferred giving your money even more growth potential.

*However, monthly deductions and other charges can lead to a decrease in the accumulation value.

Taking the right steps toward financial security means you are protecting your loved ones, providing for your dependents and preserving your peace of mind.