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*Tax-free death benefits: Proceeds from a life insurance contract paid because of the death of the insured are generally excludable from the beneficiary’s gross income for tax purposes. 2. Tax-deferred growth: Income and growth on accumulated cash values have been held by the Tax Court to be generally taxable upon withdrawal. (T.H. Cohen, 3a TC 1055 (1963), ace. 1964-1 CB 4 also, IRC Sec. 72) Consult your tax advisor or attorney on your specific situation. 3. Loans and withdrawals may affect the policy’s death benefits, the value of the policy and possibly the length of time the policy remains in force. 4. Policy Loan Consequences – Loans are subject to interest charges and can reduce the death benefit paid to beneficiaries. While loans need not be repaid, outstanding loans may affect the policy’s death benefit, the value of the policy and possibly the length of time the policy remains in force.


In the event of the breadwinner’s death, Signature Whole Life could provide the funds for:
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Income replacement

Your most valuable financial asset is likely to be your income from work. In the event of your premature death, the tax-free death benefit can be an invaluable ingredient toward replacing that critical income stream.*

A college education for your children

The quality of the future that awaits your children will largely be dependent upon the postsecondary education that they receive. Give them a leg up on the future by providing some assistance toward that end.

Retiring the mortgage on the family home

The family home represents the standard of living that you have earned for your family. The knowledge that your family can remain in that home, even after the death of the breadwinner, can help provide peace of mind.

Future collateral needs

The cash value component of Signature Whole Life can be valuable collateral, should you have future financial needs.

What are the Advantages of Whole Life Insurance?

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Insurance that can last a lifetime

You can be secure in the knowledge that your coverage will never cease, regardless of outside influences, so long as you pay the premiums outlined in the policy.

Premium payments that are fixed over an entire lifetime

External factors, such as the interest rate environment or the stock market, will not affect the required premiums. They are clearly stated in the contract and will never change.

Cash value that grows tax deferred

The ability to conservatively accrue cash value is assured by continued premium payments. The cash value will increase on the contract anniversary, at a rate outlined in the contract. No current taxes are due on the growth of cash value.*

Nonguaranteed features

You are eligible to receive dividends under the policy. Although dividends are not guaranteed, they can increase the death benefit and the cash value. American National Insurance Company determines actual dividends earned.

The ability to receive a loan on cash values

You can obtain a loan from the policy’s available cash value to meet emergencies or unanticipated needs.*

A tax-free death benefit that passes directly and discreetly to your named beneficiary

Life insurance is not a matter of public record. Upon the death of the insured, the death benefit will be paid to the beneficiary once appropriate documentation is provided to American National Insurance Company.

Rider Availability

Many riders are available with your Signature Whole Life policy, providing additional benefits from coverage for children to coverage for medical illness during your life, and much more. Some require additional premium, but enable you to customize a life insurance plan that perfectly meets your needs. For more detailed information, see the Rider Guide Form 10869.

Taking the right steps toward financial security means you are protecting your loved ones, providing for your dependents and preserving your peace of mind.